Ceylon and Sri Lanka Stamp Image Library

This is an ongoing project aimed at creating an online database with images of all the stamps issued in Ceylon/Sri Lanka from the very first 1857 6d right up to the latest issue. We require your assistance to create this comprehensive database. If you are willing to contribute to this project, please provide a scanned JPG image of a stamp not listed in the database for inclusion. Include as much information as you can about the stamp (such as the colour, perforation, year of issue and the Stanley Gibbons catalogue number). Each image will be hosted on a separate page where we will acknowledge your contribution and have a link to your website if you so wish. Please desist from plagiarising images from other websites. Please email your images to

Queen Victoria Isses (1857 - 1900) King Edward VII Issues (1903 - 1910) King George V Issues (1912-1935)
King George VI Issues (1938-1947) Dominion Issues (1948 - 1972) Republic Issues/ Part I (1972 -2004)
Issues from 2005 - present Officials/Postal Fiscals Fakes & Forgeries


Queen Victoria Issues        
1857 - 1859                
SG1 SG2 SG2a SG2b SG3 SG3a SG4 SG5 SG6 SG6a
SG6b SG6c SG7 SG8 SG9 SG10 SG11 SG11a SG12 SG13
SG14 SG15                
1857 (Oct) - 1864
SG16 SG17 SG17a SG18            
1861 - 1864
SG19 SG19a SG20 SG20a SG20b SG21 SG22 SG23 SG23a SG24
SG25 SG26 SG27 SG28 SG28a SG29 SG30 SG30a SG31 SG31a
SG31b SG32 SG32a SG33 SG33a SG33b SG34 SG34a SG35 SG36
SG37 SG37a SG38              
SG39 SG40 SG41 SG41a SG42 SG43  SG44      
1863 - 1865                
SG45 SG46 SG47 SG48 SG48b SG48c SG49 SG49a SG50 SG50a
SG50c SG50d SG50e SG51 SG52 SG52b SG53 SG54 SG54b SG55
SG55b SG55c SG56 SG57 SG58 SG58b SG59      
1866 - 1868
SG60 SG61 SG62              
1867 - 1870
SG63 SG63b SG64 SG64b SG64c SG64d SG65 SG65b SG66 SG66b
SG66c SG67 SG67a SG67b SG68 SG68b SG69 SG69b SG70 SG70b
SG70c SG71 SG71b SG72 SG72b          
1872 - 1880
SG121 SG122 SG123 SG124 SG124a SG126 SG127 SG128 SG129 SG130
SG131 SG132 SG133 SG134 SG135 SG136 SG137 SG138 SG139 SG140
SG142 SG142a SG143 SG143a            
1883 - 1898
SG146 SG147s SG148 SG149 SG149s SG150 SG150a SG151 SG151a SG151b
SG151c SG152 SG152s              
SG153 SG154 SG155 SG155a SG155b SG156 SG156a SG157 SG158 SG159
SG161 SG162 SG163 SG164 SG165 SG166 SG166a SG167 SG167a SG168
SG168a SG169 SG170 SG172 SG173 SG174 SG175 SG176 SG178 SG179
SG179a SG179b SG180 SG180a SG182 SG184 SG185 SG186 SG187 SG188
SG189 SG190 SG191 SG192 SG193          
SG195 SG196 SG197 SG198 SG198a SG199        
1888 - 1890              
SG202 SG202a SG202b SG203 SG203a SG203b SG204 SG204a SG204b SG204c
SG205 SG205a SG205b SG205c SG206 SG206a SG206b SG207 SG207a SG207b
SG207c SG208 SG208a SG209 SG209a SG209b SG209c SG210 SG210a SG210b
SG210c SG210d SG210e SG211 SG211a SG211b SG211c SG211d SG233 SG233a
SG233b SG233c SG233d SG233e SG233f SG233g SG233h SG233i SG233j SG233s
1891 - 1899                
SG239 SG240 SG241 SG242 SG242s SG243 SG243a SG245 SG246 SG247
SG247a SG249 SG250 SG254 SG255          
1899 - 1900                
SG256 SG257 SG258 SG259 SG260 SG261 SG262 SG263 SG264 SG256s-264s
King Edward VII Issues                
1903 - 1911                  
SG265 SG266 SG267 SG268 SG269 SG270 SG271 SG272 SG273 SG274
SG275 SG276 SG265s-276s SG277 SG278 SG279 SG280 SG281 SG282
SG283 SG284 SG285 SG286 SG287 SG288 SG289 SG289s SG290 SG291
SG291s SG292 SG293 SG294 SG295 SG296 SG297 SG298 SG299 SG300